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As Creative Director within Philips Design, Scott was charged with designing the next generation of system irons.
Philips performance in the market at the time was under par so the design challenge was to create a product design that could turn the business around.
Together with a great team, Scott designed the Perfect Care and acted as Creative Lead for the project.
Since launching onto the market the business has seen a dramatic increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

As designer of the 'PerfectCare Xpress', the key design challenge was to incorporate a novel on-board steam generator in as small a package as possible while embodying a user interface experience which both shows off and explains the new ultra-simple control system at a glance.
This new technology enabled us to create a design with minimal functional details but is purposeful and exciting to look at non the less.

Some of the concept work penned by Scott, where great attention was put on a new form of UIX in ironing, can also be seen above.
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